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Recruitment Process

Executive Chase has adopted sophisticated practices and procedures which are specially designed to attract and hire the best talent available.

Our recruitment can be segregated into three stages:- 

  • a)    Evalution
  • b)    Execution
  • c)    Closure
  • At Executive Chase, we follow the structured recruitment and selection process, which starts from understanding the requirement of the Client and functions all the way to follow-ups with both Clients and candidates.

    Evaluation: - We evaluate the needs and requisites of our Clients to determine the required set of skills, understand organization behavior and relationships.

    We evaluate and select only those candidates who fit the bill of the client’s requisite. The initial evaluation enables us in identifying the needs of both the company as well as the candidates.

  • a)    Mapping:
  • During our mapping exercise, we perform industry specific research on companies and relevant people so as to identify the key competencies. Our mapping includes reporting procedures and supervisory relationships, working conditions, job specifications, compensation and other necessary details.

  • b)     Research & Development:
  • The research is one of the primary aspects of effective recruitment services. It furnishes a list of qualified candidates and companies who are worth pursuing. Post this process we search to identify the relevant candidates either from our database or from some other methodology.

    Execution: –The Execution stage consists of several phases including the shortlisting of candidates, interviews, formal reference checks etc.

  • a)    Shortlist Candidates:
  • The preliminary interviews result out in shortlisting qualified and relevant candidates.

  • b)    Interviews:
  • After the initial screening, we select and interview the potential candidates on the basis of prior work experience, qualifications, strength and weakness and the ability of the candidate. We deploy the necessary expert assessment after the screening of candidates by drawing up competency profiles the most innovation platform.

  • c)    Formal Reference Checks:
  • We conduct the formal reference check to verify and to validate the listed achievements and last few work experiences of the shortlisted candidates.

    Closure –The closure stage consists of negotiation and offer, Follow-up, progress and handholding.

  • a)    Negotiation & offer:
  • We tactically participate in the negotiation process including compensation. We discuss and plan a competitive and equitable package.

  • b)    Follow Up:
  • We understand the importance of follow up and we keep in touch with the candidate until the time he/she joins the company.

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